Climate & Weather in Morocco

Morocco weather
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On the coast, Mediterranean climate that is tempered by trade winds on the east coast. In the northwest, the climate is Mediterranean with hot dry summers and mild impact, rainy winters, increasingly inland continental climate with decreasing rainfall. In the Sahara desert climate peripheral areas (there is) hot and dry with a strong nocturnal cooling.

Climate & Weather in Morocco

Best time to travel

Morocco is at its best in spring (mid-March to May), when the country is lush and green, followed by autumn, when the heat of summer has eased. At other times, don’t underestimate the extremes of summer heat and winter, particularly in the High Atlas, where snowcapped peaks persist from November to July be prepared for bitterly cold nights. The north coast and the Rif Mountains are frequently wet and cloudy in winter and early spring.

Apart from the weather, the timing of Ramadan (the traditional Muslim month of fasting and purification) is another important consideration as some restaurants and cafés close during the day and general business hours are reduced.