Is Morocco Safe ?

is morocco safe ?
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The security level in Morocco is generally quite high. Physical attacks are rare, minor theft or fraud may occur like in any cities of the world. Inside the country away from the coastal towns safety is great, I was never stolen something or was attacked. Great is the risk of theft only in cities with many tourists, especially in Tangier, Tetuan, or Marrakech.

Is Morocco Safe ?

Who then put his wallet in the back pocket calls almost on to steal. Locals have kept their money always hidden in the inner pockets of their clothes. Very well proved a money-belt, in which one can, however, accommodate only a few more notes.

Breast bags are not recommended, because they can be torn easily, better is a waist belt that is worn under clothing and can also keep passport and important papers. Photocopies of important documents – stored elsewhere easier – help you to get a replacement card. In your pocket you should always have cash at hand, for larger amounts not to be seen. Expensive jewellery is not appropriate for a journey through Morocco in any case.

Theft of the entire vehicle is in Morocco rarely possible, but should not park the fully packed car unattended. Almost everywhere there are reliable keepers – even at night – who identify themselves with a small brass plaque or a vest.


Some Foreign Offices advise to stay in Morocco, as in all countries of the region – to increased attention. This is especially true for places with many tourists and religious places of worship. In the Moroccan desert border with Algeria travellers could be exposed to special risks.

My views on this warning: the most interesting tourist area Merzouga – Taouz – Mhamid – Foum Zguid – Tata is inhabited and well watched by the strong military presence near the border. It seems here that the Foreign Office is over-cautious, but has little idea from the actual local conditions. The area is heavily travelled and there was still never an incident.