Erg Chegaga Standard camp




Erg Chegaga is considered as the “real” Sahara Desert with its authentic rustic colored sand dunes and unique flora and fauna. If you are looking for an unforgettable journey and also stay to escape the city lights and find yourselves literally in the middle of nowhere.

Our Erg Chegaga camp

Which is located t the foot of the immense and high sand dunes of 300 m altitude on a length of 40 km is a haven for those who like to relax and explore the rocky and desolate area of the Sahara desert.

Rates are inclusive of:

  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Twenty-minute camel ride
  • Government taxes
  • Guiding to the camp (if you wish to take your own 4-wheel drive)

Visitors travelling by saloon car/public transport/preferring not use their own         4-wheel drive, can book transfers to/from the camp from our meeting point in the village of Mhamid


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